10 Unique Ways Top Brands Use Customer Generated Content

Fran Brzyski
March 22, 2024
5 min read

In today's dynamic business landscape, where customer engagement and authenticity are paramount, the role of Customer Generated Content (CGC) has expanded beyond mere testimonials and reviews. It has evolved into a powerful tool that empowers brands to build stronger connections with their audience. From marketing and sales, to issue resolution and product enhancement, CGC has emerged as a multi-faceted solution that not only addresses customer needs but also propels business growth. Let's dive in and explore the benefits of CGC and examples of its applications from the customer's perspective.

What is Customer Generated Content? 

Glad you asked! Hark’s definition of CGC:

Customer Generated Content (CGC) is created via video, audio, or screen recordings by the modern customer to share with a brand for (not limited to): product inquiries, feedback, general questions, product recommendations, or anything else relevant for that customers feel compelled to share with an organization.

Our team recently wrote about the meaning of Customer Generated Content, but I wanted to share some details on how brands are using CGC to turn customers into brand champions.

Top 10 Examples

1. Engaging in a Two-Way Conversation

When customers interact with a brand, they're not just passive recipients of information. They're active participants in a conversation. Leveraging video and voice through CGC enables brands to turn this conversation into a meaningful dialogue. Customers can express their thoughts, feedback, and opinions in a more authentic and relatable manner. This back-and-forth exchange fosters a sense of community and trust, as customers feel valued and heard.

2. Fueling Marketing Feedback Loops

Imagine your customers describing your products or services in their own words. This kind of authentic content is a goldmine for marketing feedback loops. CGC provides real-world insights that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. From improving SEO to creating compelling marketing materials, customer generated content adds a layer of credibility that traditional marketing strategies often lack.

3. Enhancing Employee Onboarding and Training

CGC isn't just for external audiences. It can also transform internal processes. Using CGC for new agent and employee onboarding is a creative way to provide firsthand experiences to newcomers. By sharing real customer interactions and scenarios, new employees can gain a deeper understanding of customer expectations and how to handle various situations effectively. With employee retention being a top concern for organizations, CGC is a great way to set your teams up for success. Not to mention, employee experience drives customer experience.

4. Showcasing Products and Attracting New Customers

When potential customers see and hear real feedback from existing customers, it's a powerful persuasion tool. CGC can be strategically used in sales and marketing to showcase products and services. This firsthand validation from genuine customers resonates more than any sales pitch, attracting new customers and shortening the sales cycle. Social proof is already one of the best ways to acquire new customers. CGC can help make those touchpoints even more authentic and relatable for the average customer compared to influencer campaigns on TikTok or Instagram. With CGC, go beyond consumer generated reviews and turn your customers into content creators.

5. Empowering Issue Management and Self-Service

CGC serves as a valuable resource for issue resolution. By creating a library of CGC that addresses common customer queries and concerns, brands can empower customers to resolve issues on their own. This self-service approach not only reduces support costs but also enhances customer satisfaction through quicker resolutions.This is a more customer centric alternative of deflection from live channels.

6. Driving Product Management and Enhancements

Customers often have ingenious ideas for product improvements. CGC becomes a platform for customers to share new use cases, suggestions, and feature requests. Brands can tap into this wealth of innovation to refine their products and services according to genuine customer needs. This is an especially powerful tool for b2b software companies.

7. Facilitating Sales Training and Objection Handling

Training sales teams can be challenging, especially when it comes to objection handling. CGC provides real-world examples of objections and how they were resolved, serving as valuable training material. This equips sales teams with practical insights to address concerns effectively.

8. Elevating Customer Service Escalation and Routing

Not all customer issues are the same in terms of complexity and sentiment. CGC can aid in better issue escalation and routing. By analyzing customer voices and emotions, brands can ensure that high-priority issues receive the attention they deserve.

9. Strengthening Relationships with Partners

CGC isn't limited to just customers; it extends to partners and third-party providers. Sharing CGC with partners fosters transparency and collaboration. It also ensures that partners have a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments and feedback, enabling them to align their services accordingly.

10. Your Own Use Case

The rest is still unwritten! CGC is powering the future of Customer Experience but there are so many more use cases to be discovered. We’d love to hear from you. If your organization had the voice of the customer and customer insights directly at their fingertips how could it propel your business forward?

Please do let us know by sending a Hark.

Wrapping Up

Customer Generated Content has transcended its traditional role and evolved into a multifaceted asset for businesses. From building trust and authenticity to aiding marketing efforts and issue resolution, CGC has proven to be a versatile tool that brings the customer's voice front and center. By embracing CGC and harnessing the power of video and voice, brands can truly listen to their customers, understand their needs, and foster lasting relationships that drive success.

Fran Brzyski
March 22, 2024

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