Your customer voice is your source of truth

Hark captures Customer Generated Content at scale which leads to more actionable insights that grab the attention of everyone in your organization!

Automate insight discovery

Let Hark do the heavy lifting - focus on what matters most while our AI leverages the voice of your customers to uncover trends and patterns within your customer feedback, automatically.

Faster Feedback loops that drive results.

Hark shortens the distance between feedback and action. Get real-time insights and close the loop with customers faster, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

Other benefits

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Actionable insights, delivered. Hark empowers every department to act on customer feedback, driving a unified and customer-centric approach across your organization.

Go Beyond the

Turn feedback into action, not just a number. Hark translates customer feedback into actionable insights that increase customer success (and your NPS scores).

Increase LTV &

Turn loyal customers into brand advocates. Hark empowers you to foster deeper customer connections, driving increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

All your customer data in one place

Hark will meet you where your team is.
Keep your tech stack, we’ve got you covered!

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