The customer voice has been suppressed for too long

We’re here to do something about it.

Why we started Hark

Our mission is to fuel efficient growth with Customer Generated Content at scale.

What’s that mean?
Customers are creating video and audio content everywhere - why not collect it when they try to get in touch with your team? Through Hark - you will collect content at scale which turns into a data goldmine.

The end result?
A customer story behind every data point or KPI you want to share internally.

Our founders

Get to know the passionate minds behind Hark

Fran Brzyski

Over a decade of Go To Market experience across various companies including Seed through Fortune 50. As much as Fran loves meetings during the day, he enjoys spending time with his family and his lawn outside of work.

Matt Ring

13 years building and scaling startups with focus on product management and operations. Extensive data analytics and API experience.

We’re hiring

Join us to build the future of VoC

Supported by world-class investors

Supported by world-class investors

We’re hiring

Join us to build the future of voice of customer.

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