Hark is fueling the new age of post-purchase support with full contextualization.

Hark allows CX leaders to do more while delighting customers with a quick and elegant process for any support inquiry.

Our story

Omni-Channel has a new look

We have found through our research that customers can become frustrated when trying to determine which channel is best for them to engage with depending on their inquiry type. Further, it can be complex and difficult to power this approach due to staffing, tech stack, and ongoing training. Hark has created a platform that guides customers through a journey where we can extra unbelievable context in a very short time. Your customers will feel heard and move on with their day in 30 seconds or less. Agents will become empowered to provide amazing experiences as champions for your customers. Everyone wins. Will you join us?


Meet the founding team

Get to know the passionate minds behind Hark

Photo of Fran Brzyski - Founder & CEO
Fran Brzyski
Founder & CEO

Master of business chaos, the ideas maestro, and permanent member of the 'who needs sleep anyway?' club.

Photo of Matthew Ring - Co-Founder
Matthew Ring
Co - Founder

Second-in-command of the crazy-train, chief reality checker, and the perpetual spreader of entrepreneurial optimism.

Photo of Scott Eneje - Product Manager
Scott Eneje
Product Manager

The maestro of product orchestra, taming wild ideas into harmonious features, and a constant challenger to stable internet connectivity.

Photo of Emily Rosato - Head of Growth
Emily Rosato
Head of Growth

Guru of scaling, swashbuckling through the seas of analytics, and always on a mission to turn small beans into mighty beanstalks.

Photo of Grace Frank - Full Stack Engineer
Grace Frank
Full Stack Engineer

Custodian of code, from server-side sorcery to front-end finesse, juggling Javascript and Python like a circus pro.

Photo of Kelvin Adigwu - Back End Engineer
Kelvin Adigwu
Back End Engineer

Professional problem solver, architect of invisible awesomeness, and occasional dragon slayer in the dungeon of code.

Photo of Bowo David - DevOps Engineer
Bowo David
DevOps Engineer

Bridger of chasms between development and operations, master of automation, and firm believer in 'It works on my machine!

Photo of Nathaniel Ogunleye - Product Designer
Nathaniel Ogunleye
Product Designer

Architect of digital charm, champion of seamless journeys, turning confusion into clarity and pixels into perfection, all in a day's work.

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