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Driving brand loyalty by modernizing customer service

Hark is reimagining Customer Experience. In a world where video has become an integral part of communication, how do we allow for customers to easily send their requests to their favorite brands while delivering the "perfect ticket" to CX teams?

Hark does just that in a sophisticated way that opens up a new channel for customers to engage.

Our values are EASY

Ease of use

In every aspect of our offering and also as an organization, we strive to improve the lives of others by cutting away roadblocks and friction.

Always there for you

Hark is there to support our customer's whenever a moment of need arises. Like a great friend, there when you need us the most.

Speech is everything

It's how we communicate with each other and it's how we voice our important opinions. At the heart of Hark, we care about what you have to say. It's why we exist.

You matter

From a user of the app, to each and every employee in the organization. We believe that everyone matters and everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.

Meet Our Team!

Fran Brzyski
Matthew Ring
Head of Product
Grace Frank
Full Stack Engineer
Scott C. Eneje
Product Manager
Kelvin Adigwu
Back End Engineer
Bowo David
DevOps Engineer
Nathaniel Ogunleye
Product Designer

Our Advisors

Ben's image
Ben Segal
VP of Customer Experience
Dalton Van Hatcher
Chief Customer Officer, Felux
Neil Capel
Chief Executive Officer, Solve

Our Investors