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Consumers today communicate differently

Embrace it! You’ll see a whole new world of insights.

Collect CGC at scale from your customer base and let them tell you the story of what they want you to know.

Re-imagine customer voice

Hark lets your customers communicate with you in a natural way, providing richer data, improved experiences, and more meaningful connections.

Guide customers through a journey.
Not a workflow.

Leverage video/audio asynchronously for more context

Collect all data upfront to (almost) guarantee a 1-touch resolution

Allow your customers to feel heard on their terms

Employee Experience meets Customer Experience

CX has always been your customers' champion - but now they'll have more context for their work, and more results to share with other departments.

Easily share your customer's POV with other departments!

Create custom views

Shorten feedback loops with enriched data

Integrate with other data sets to show imapct to the business

Customers have experienced...




CSAT response


1-touch resolution


Resolution time


Cost per ticket


Reply count

See what our customers say

Hark is being discussed in the boardroom, not just the breakroom.

"Who has two thumbs up and decided to switch our contact page the same day as the start of our Black Friday sale? This guy!We have been so impressed with Hark that we have now transitioned our entire contact us option over to Hark!"

Michael Ludwig

Director of Customer Service

“Our agents have been raving about receiving the tickets processed through Hark!” They love how much information they receive upfront including sentiment so they know if the customer is already frustrated before digging in.”

Anna Santos-Glenka

Head of Customer Experience

"Hark not only delivers a better customer experience but also enables Customer Generated Content that can be distributed within our organization to improve our product and address underlying issues."

Amanda DiNapoli

Director of Customer Service

"What was exciting for me was actually seeing and hearing how our customers interact with and talk about our products so we can continuously improve"

Sib Mahapatra


“I was searching for something that could improve the overall experience from the customer perspective and from an agent efficiency (cost per ticket) viewpoint. In my eyes, Hark was the best solution on the market that allowed me to build my own custom workflows and launch within minutes.”

Ben Segal

Chief Experience Officer

“We had been searching for a new channel for quite some time that elevated customer experience and made agents more efficient. Hark allowed us to achieve just that without having to staff more agents. It’s provided a visibility into our client base we have never seen before!”

Dan Brady

Customer Success Manager

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