Customer Generated Content (CGC) is the Future of Customer Experience

Dalton Van Hatcher
March 22, 2024
5 min read
"Not all customer experiences are created equal"

I have a friend who immigrated to the US about 15 years ago...washed dishes, did odds and ends jobs and eventually completed the process of becoming a US Citizen.

As he worked his way up in the services/hospitality industry he’s always had a reputation for holding his staff accountable for curating an amazing customer experience. "The food has to be amazing, but the experience is what brings customers back… and more importantly it is also what they tell their friends and family about”.

Flash forward, he and his partners have multiple, extremely successful restaurant brands in the Seattle Area, reaffirming how great customer experience leads to brand affinity.

What is Customer Generated Content?

Customer experience is the firestarter of CLG (#CustomerLedGrowth). In today's world, empowering your customers to provide instant feedback from their point of view, in their own words #CGC (Customer Generated Content), gives you mission critical insights without the often biased filter or regurgitation from your internal teams.

While most brands are stuck in the reactive mode, the world's most forefront CX Teams and CX Thought leaders are meeting their customers where they are. They are attentively and actively listening to their customers and empowering them to give direct feedback on their experiences via Audio and Video.

CGC has incredible power within an organization to provide tighter feedback loops which can be used across Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Logistics/Supply Chain, Finance, HR/Talent, DEI and in Investor/Board Meetings.

Unfortunately, as a former CRO and Chief Customer Officer I have experienced the internal layers and bias filter you have to sift through to the customers point of view. 

To greatly simplify this process, many of these CX thought leaders and customer centric brands like Tovala, Ooni, Pura Vida, Meridian, Thesis and Branch Furniture have partnered with Companies like Hark to change the CX game by building brand champion organizations through CGC. Teams leveraging Hark's CGC Platform at the forefront of solving and resolving customer issues, have seen a

✔️ 43% decrease in cost per ticket

✔️ 25% increase in CSAT

✔️ 181% increase in one-touch resolutions

After building out multiple support functions, I’ve noticed the typical motion is playing defense and reacting to customer issues. It doesn't have to be like this! By meeting your customers where they are, and giving them a tool where they can be heard in the sentiment and voice they choose, you can effectively remove the historic “annoying” stigma of customer support.. 

Leveraging Video/Voice from the customer's point of view gives your customers an opportunity to actually talk back to your brand. It’s a conversation! While most think of CGC as a channel to solve customer product or experience issues, CGC fuels tighter feedback loops and does so much more.

Examples of CGC

  • Customer Generated Content describing your product or services in their own words for Marketing Feedback Loops (SEO, Marketing Use Case) 
  • CGC for new agent and employee onboarding and training
  • CGC to feedback to Sales/Marketing to showcase products and feedback from real customer to attract new customers
  • CGC for issue management self service library building
  • Product Management and Enhancements through CGC 
  • CGC showing new use cases for products
  • CGC for Sales and GTM Teams Training to help accelerate sales cycles and objection handling
  • CGC for better customer product issue resolution
  • CGC for better customer service escalation and routing based on complexity, sentiment and issue
  • CGC for better resolution management and feedback with 3rd party partners and warranty providers

The Future of CX

Imagine having customers generating content about their positive experience, not just the negative ones. Or offering customers who had a great experience an incentive to tell their friends about it? Or offering a voice from the customer directly to the executives, that isn't regurgitated through the internal politics of an organization. Pure CGC...not tainted! You don't have to imagine, Hark is already empowering CGC and it is leading to Customer Led Growth!

The future of growth is all about the customer and if you don't take care of the customer, someone else will.. It is therefore critical to set your people up for success, by empowering them with tools that meet customers where they are!

Customer Generated Content is the future of CX! I am extremely excited to continue to watch Hark bring the world's CX thought leaders together while simultaneously innovating and empowering better customer outcomes! If you haven’t checked out the platform, sign up for a free trial here!

Not all Customer Experiences are Created Equal!  Let's GrooooooooW!!!!!


About Dalton:  Dalton Van Hatcher, an extremely proud Girl Dad and long time operator. As an early employee and operator, helped build several multi-billion dollar businesses and high-performance growth functions including IPOs at BladeLogic and Sumo Logic. Before building Hatchet Ventures, Dalton was the Chief Customer Officer at Felux building out the World’s First B2B Online Marketplace for the Steel Industry.  Dalton is an advisor and board member for several tech companies including Edge Delta, Gybe, Aerial Ops, Cuemby and Co-founded a DEI Platform, Us in Technology helping underrepresented folks get into the tech space.  Dalton is a teacher and collaborator of Pavilion and Pavilion University Courses including, CRO, CCO School and Rising Executives Program. 

Dalton Van Hatcher
March 22, 2024
4 min read

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