How Road Runner Scooters Shrunk CX Resolution Time by 39% with Hark’s CGC Solution

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How Road Runner Scooters Shrunk CX Resolution Time by 39% with Hark’s CGC Solution

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Road Runner Scooters, a renowned electric scooter company based in Colorado, is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences for their technically advanced products. 

To maintain their dedication to technical excellence and customer-centricity, Road Runner Scooters sought innovative solutions to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer experiences. 

Their partnership with Hark's Customer Generated Content (CGC) Platform would prove transformative with a 39% improvement in overall resolution time and 20% increase in one-touch resolution!


With a focus on providing effortless troubleshooting support, Road Runner Scooters had established itself as a trusted brand in the electric scooter market. 

Their commitment to technical excellence and strong customer relationships drove their success. However, the need for cost reduction and improved efficiency prompted them to explore new avenues.

The Solution

Road Runner Scooters adopted Hark as their primary customer support intake portal, replacing their phone channel and optimizing their communication process. All inquiries, including emails, were redirected through Hark into their helpdesk. This strategic shift aligned with their aspiration to offer the best post-sale customer service in the industry.

The Results

The implementation of Hark brought significant improvements:

Efficient Handling of Peak Periods

Hark's capability to manage high-volume weekends, marked by a surge in customer inquiries due to increased scooter usage, ensured timely customer support during peak periods. This was achieved through Hark's intake portal that allowed Road Runner customers to provide all necessary context upfront, even during off-hours, enabling the RRS team to effectively prioritize, route, and resolve tickets without encountering cryptic messages that called for multiple exchanges and higher resolution times.

Reduced Back-and-Forth Interactions

Hark's platform streamlined interactions, significantly improving resolution times by reducing back-and-forth exchanges. Its guided workflow prompts customers to provide full context during their initial inquiry, while also offering tips and helpful hints that lead to an average of 30% more context compared to traditional channels. This streamlined approach ensures that agents can address and close out issues efficiently with the very first reply back to the customer.

Amanda DiNapoli, Customer Service Manager at Road Runner Scooters, emphasized the positive impact of Hark's clear communication: 

"A key area where Hark made a significant impact was reducing back-and-forth interactions. Before Hark, customers provided minimal information, necessitating multiple exchanges for details like photos. Hark’s platform streamlined this for us!"

Enhanced Support

Additionally, Hark resolved challenges tied to video file size and format limitations, enhancing the overall support experience. Hark's solution simplifies the process by enabling customers to create audio or video messages directly within their browser using a familiar UI akin to Snapchat or TikTok. This eliminates the need for customers to search through folders, reduce video sizes, or concern themselves with file compatibility, streamlining the communication process and ensuring a smoother support interaction.

Amanda shared that "before Hark, our team encountered issues with video file size. Customers often tried to send us videos, but they were either too large or in an incompatible format."

Improved Warranty Process

Another valuable insight emerged as Hark allowed Road Runner Scooters to improve their warranty process. The platform facilitated direct customer feedback, enabling the identification of never before seen trends and patterns related to specific product and service items—an essential factor in warranty discussions providing more efficient issue identification and resolution. 

This was possible through Hark's guided workflows allowing Road Runner to collect additional structured data through custom fields that would not have been possible through traditional intake methods. As an added bonus, this approach reduced the burden on agents, who were previously required to handle data entry intricacies from traditional unstructured channels like email. 

Furthermore, Hark's capability to capture audio and video content allowed technical specialists at Road Runner to diagnose issues more effectively, as they could see and hear the problems experienced by customers.

Customer Generated Content

Road Runner Scooters plans to leverage Hark to generate valuable Customer Generated Content for tighter feedback loops. Amanda highlighted that, 

"Hark not only delivers a better customer experience but also enables Customer Generated Content that can be distributed within our organization to improve our product and address underlying issues."

The Hark enabled video and audio assets, crucial in expediting warranty claims, also played a pivotal role in uncovering significant trends and patterns linked to specific products and services. This empowered Road Runner to identify potential issues and collaborate effectively with their product and manufacturing teams for targeted improvements. This proactive approach not only ensures a smoother present but also reduces the likelihood of future defects.

Key Achievements

Road Runner Scooters' journey with Hark highlighted the following key benefits:

  • Adapting to Peak Periods: The ability to handle high-volume weekends showcased the importance of flexible solutions to accommodate fluctuations in customer inquiries.
  • Efficiency Through Clarity: Clear communication, as facilitated by Hark, reduced back-and-forth interactions and improved overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Support & Warranty Management: Direct customer feedback enabled Road Runner Scooters to improve their customer support experience and their warranty process significantly.
  • Continuous Improvement: The case study underscores the value of ongoing improvement, with Road Runner Scooters planning to leverage Hark for Customer Generated Content to further enhance their product and address underlying issues faster and with better context.

Key Metrics

  • 39% improvement in resolution time
  • 22% decrease in touches per ticket
  • 20% increase in one-touch resolution
  • 25% improvement in reopen rate


Based on the successful results of Hark’s implementation, Road Runner Scooters has embraced Hark as its primary customer support intake portal. 

Amanda and her team are excited about the potential of Hark to continue delivering an outstanding customer experience and further enhancing their operational systems, product development, and warranty processes.

As they move forward, Road Runner Scooters sees Hark as not just a solution but a partner in their pursuit of excellence—a platform to gather invaluable customer insights, drive product enhancements, and fortify their brand. Together, they are not only resolving customer issues but also forging a path toward a more efficient and customer-centric future in the electric scooter market.

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