How to Optimize Your Shopify "Contact Us" Page

Brendan Coles
June 19, 2024
5 min read

Optimize your Shopify “Contact Us” page

With Shopify's editor, it's simple to add a contact form to your website with just a few clicks. However, many businesses overlook the enormous potential of a well-optimized "Contact Us" page. It's not just a formality; it's an opportunity to build stronger customer relationships and even increase sales. To unlock its full potential, make sure that your "Contact Us" page goes beyond mere functionality. It should be designed with the customer in mind, serving as a helpful guide for them to find the solutions they need. In this blog post we'll discuss how Hark has helped companies like Tovala, OneSkin, and Kaheesh improve their “Contact Us” pages by incorporating Customer Generated Content (CGC).

Tovala "Contact Us"
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Kaheesh "Contact Us"

No Forms

Forms often send the wrong impression to customers by making them feel like they are just a ticket instead of an individual. In the data-driven world, it may seem counterintuitive not to use forms for data structuring, but the human element is crucial. Instead of placing the burden on customers to input structured data for you, let them freely express themselves. You'll not only make the process more user-friendly but also gain invaluable insights. Through Hark, these insights can be immediately routed and analyzed, regardless of the medium—text, voice, video, etc.—they come in.

One Call to Action for Support

The modern consumer is bombarded with choices for everything, including customer support options like chat, phone, and email. While variety may seem like an advantage, it can often lead to decision fatigue. Simplifying the options for customer support can dramatically reduce friction in the customer experience. By directing customers to a single touchpoint, you can make the process more streamlined and significantly improve issue resolution times.

Include a Comprehensive FAQ Section

A comprehensive FAQ section serves as a first line of defense in customer support. Make sure that your FAQ page not only provides answers to common questions but also does so in a way that is comprehensive and easy to understand. This section should be a living document that evolves with your product or service, updated regularly to cover new issues or changes. By offering a thorough FAQ section, you free up your customer support team to focus on more complex queries while empowering customers to find quick solutions on their own.

Design the Experience around Common Issue Types

Talk to any customer support team and you'll find that they spend a significant amount of time addressing a few types of common issues. While an FAQ section can solve many problems, there will always be scenarios that require a more personalized touch. By identifying these common issue types, you can design specific workflows or support channels tailored to each. For instance, if chat support is effective for handling urgent queries but video messaging works better for explaining how to fix a damaged product, design your page accordingly.

Let Customers Know What to Expect

Transparency is crucial in customer service. When a customer takes the time to contact you, the least you can do is to let them know what to expect next. Will they hear back within 24 hours? What additional information should they provide to expedite resolution? Providing this information upfront can greatly reduce customer anxiety and build trust, leading to a more positive overall experience.

Make it Easy to Find

In the age of immediate gratification, customers won't spend much time searching for how to contact you. Your "Contact Us" page should be intuitively located and easy to find, both from within your site's navigation and via search engines like Google. A well-optimized page with clear and simple design elements can make the difference between a frustrated customer and a satisfied one.

Enhance your Marketing Efforts with Customer Generated Content

Word-of-mouth and user-generated content are among the most effective forms of marketing. When customers share their experiences through videos, audio clips, or screen recordings, this content can be a goldmine for your marketing team. Leverage these authentic stories in your campaigns to build social proof and engender trust among potential customers.

Bonus: Use Hark!

For those using Shopify, Hark offers a simple yet powerful solution for optimizing your "Contact Us" page. A few clicks are all it takes to install the app and transform your generic "Contact Us" form into a customer-centric portal. Hark's multifaceted features enable immediate routing of customer inputs, streamlined communication, and data analytics, making continuous improvement a breeze.

To experience the customer journey after implementing Hark, or to discuss how Hark can help elevate your "Contact Us" page, please visit this link and send us a Hark of your own!

Brendan Coles
June 19, 2024
5 min read

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