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Your customers no longer have to feel the pressure of figuring out which channel is best to resolve their issue. Introduce Hark, a first of it's kind platform that guides your customer through a journey and sets up your agents for success!

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Why Use Hark

What you can expect with Hark!

See how companies enhance their support experience and start streamlining your support operations today.

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Understand Your Customer's POV

Make it easy for your customers to get in touch and feel heard. With Hark, customer satisfaction scores increase by an average of 25%.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Get more done with less. With Hark, ticket re-open rates decrease by 21% and one-touch resolution is cut by 25%.

Gain Insights with Actionable Data

Unlock a new layer of reporting and analytics with Hark. Our platform provides contextualized customer data, giving you valuable insights to help you make data-driven decisions and improve your support experience.

Simplify Customer Interactions

By prompting your customers early in the journey for context in a simple, easy way - Hark unlocks new efficiency. Our platform allows you to guide your customers to record a video, audio, or even screen recording depending on the scenario at hand.

GIF of Hark's UI guiding a customer to various channels (video, audio, text) based on their need (damaged product, general complaints, warranty claims)
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Streamline Help Desk Automations

Hark makes it easy to bring your help desk automations to life. Our platform integrates with your existing help desk software to provide seamless support ticket management.

Simplify Information Collection

Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary back and forth with customers. Hark simplifies the information collection process and provides valuable contextual data to help you solve customer issues faster.

Example of Hark's simple information collection process showing the customer name, email, and audio recording of their warranty claim issue

What they say about us

Hear from our clients who are taking their customer experience to new heights with Hark!

4.8/5 (264)

I am so happy to have found Hark, it's changed the entire way our team thinks about support! We are able to provide an incredible experience to our customers and are a much more efficient team since implementing the platform. The Hark team is continuously coming out with new updates which makes me very excited for what the future holds!

Amanda DiNapoli

Dir. of Customer Service, Road Runner Scooters

We had been searching for a new channel for quite some time that elevated customer experience and made agents more efficient. Hark allowed us to achieve just that without having to staff more agents. It’s provided a visibility into our client base we have never seen before!

Dan Brady

Customer Success Manager, Pura Vida

For me, omnichannel support means getting customer inquiries from every place possible with less context and misplaced expectations. With Hark, we are able to evolve the omnichannel experience by using a unique journey that captures context and still utilizes the benefits of a multi-channel experience. This provides value to our customers and company that goes beyond agent efficiency.

Josh Boock

Director of Customer Support, Tovala

As a new VP of CX at Thesis, I was searching for something that could improve the overall experience from the customer perspective and from an agent efficiency (cost per ticket) viewpoint. In my eyes, Hark was the best solution on the market that allowed me to build my own custom workflows and launch within minutes.

Ben Segal

VP of Customer experience, Thesis

Our agents have been raving about receiving the tickets processed through Hark!” They love how much information they receive upfront including sentiment so they know if the customer is already frustrated before digging in.

Anna Santos-Glenka

Head of Customer Experience, Meridian

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