How Branch Furniture Improved Resolution Time and Increased Agent Efficiency with Hark

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How Branch Furniture Improved Resolution Time and Increased Agent Efficiency with Hark

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Branch Furniture, a rapidly growing startup based in New York, is dedicated to creating aesthetically pleasing workspaces that foster productivity and comfort. 

As the company experienced exponential growth, they recognized the need to enhance their support team's capabilities to maintain their exceptional service standards. 

To achieve this, Branch decided to scope Hark's Customer Generated Content Platform alongside a traditional 'phone' channel to determine the most effective way to receive the voice of their customers. 

They were thrilled to discover that Hark was not only a cost-effective alternative to the 'phone' channel, but also increased one-touch resolutions by 166% and improved resolution time by 29%!


With a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, Branch Furniture embarked on a strategic initiative to explore new communication channels and gather valuable insights from their customers. 

They scoped Hark's Customer Generated Content Platform alongside the traditional 'phone' channel to compare their efficiency and effectiveness in capturing customer feedback.

The Results of the Pilot Program 

Keisha Bartrem, Director of Customer Service at Branch Furniture, shared her observations from the pilot program. 

She emphasized, "The most important thing we discovered is that our customers didn't want to wait in a queue or stop their day to resolve their problem over the phone. They really just wanted to share their experience via a channel in which they felt comfortable sharing their 'Voice'." 

The revelation highlighted the significance of providing a convenient and preferred channel to facilitate customer generated content.

Keisha further explained,

"A key area the ‘phone’ fell short was capturing Voice of the Customer. We could share snippets of conversations internally, but there was not enough insight or context for us to act on." 

This limitation was a critical factor in Branch Furniture's decision to seek a more effective customer support solution.

Enhancing Agent Efficiency and Customer Experience: 

Sib Mahapatra, co-founder and Head of Product for Branch, expressed excitement about the impact of Hark's platform. 

Implementing Hark significantly reduced the number of touches per support ticket by more than 16%. Resolutions became faster, with a 29% improvement in resolution time. Particularly for complex issues, the platform led to a 166% increase in one-touch resolutions, boosting agent efficiency and reducing customer wait times.”

Moreover, Hark's Customer Generated Content Platform offered a unique advantage: a deeper understanding of customer interactions and discussions about Branch Furniture's products. 

"What was exciting for me was actually seeing and hearing how our customers interact with and talk about our products so we can continuously improve," said Sib Mahapatra, emphasizing the platform's role in driving continuous product enhancement.

Branch Furniture's Decision: Making Hark the primary support portal: 

Based on the success of the pilot program and the significant impact on resolution time and agent efficiency, Branch Furniture made the strategic decision to prioritize Hark's Customer Generated Content Platform as their primary customer support intake portal.

Recognizing the platform's cost-effectiveness and ability to provide valuable customer insights, Branch Furniture found Hark to be a superior alternative to the costly 'phone' channel.

Key Benefits and Statistics

The integration of Hark into Branch Furniture's customer support operations resulted in the following key benefits:

  • 16% reduction in touches per support ticket
  • 29% improvement in resolution time
  • 166% increase in one-touch resolutions for complex issues
  • More efficient agent onboarding and training 


Branch Furniture's strategic approach to scoping Hark's Customer Generated Content Platform alongside the 'phone' channel showcases the transformative impact of innovative solutions on customer support. 

The successful collaboration between Branch Furniture and Hark has not only led to significant operational improvements but also provided invaluable customer insights, driving continuous enhancements in their products and services.

Keisha Bartrem praised the collaborative and enjoyable partnership with the Hark team, stating, 

"It’s been enlightening to see and hear so much more from our customers, and the Hark team is so much fun to work with. We can’t wait to see what more they continue to provide for us!" 

The positive outcomes and enjoyable partnership have positioned Branch Furniture for continued growth and success. 

The case study demonstrates the importance of leveraging innovative tools like Hark to better understand and cater to customers' needs in an evolving business landscape.

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