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Customer Generated Content to build brand loyalty and more efficient growth.

Illustrative image showing Hark's ability to receive a customer video and transcribe the data in real-time

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Simplifying Support

Our Process

Discover how our proven methodology can help streamline support ticket management, saving you time and improving response times.

Workflow customization options
Custom workflows for your needs

Custom workflows for every scenario

We offer tailored workflows to collect the right information for every scenario, streamlining the support ticket management process.

Insights Hark can deliver
Insights from AI sentiment analysis

Insights that help you improve

Our AI-powered sentiment analysis provides valuable insights to help you improve your support experience.

Ease of Helpdesk integration
Integrates with Helpdesk software

Seamless integration for better results

Hark integrates seamlessly with your existing helpdesk software, enhancing your support capabilities and improving response times.

Hear directly from our customers!

Hear what our customers have to say

"As a new VP of CX at Thesis, I was searching for something that could improve the overall experience from the customer perspective and from an agent efficiency (cost per ticket) viewpoint. In my eyes, Hark was the best solution on the market that allowed me to build my own custom workflows and launch within minutes."
Ben's image

Ben Segal

VP of Customer Experience, Thesis

"I am so happy to have found Hark... it's changed the entire way our team thinks about support! We are able to provide an incredible experience to our customers and are a much more efficient team since implementing the platform. The team is continuously coming out with new updates which makes me very excited for what the future holds!"

Amanda DiNapoli

Director of Customer Experience, RoadRunnerScooters

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